Mobile & Online ordering with in-app payments
Dine-in, Delivery, Takeout, Room service, you name it.
Features like split-the-check and tip calculator make paying faster and easier for both guests and staff.

Online ordering. Mobile Ordering.
Any web enabled device. 
Anywhere, any time.
Accessed via web address or QR code.

Instant in-app payment. Use a secure payment gateway or Paypal. Logging in via an account saves order history and credit card information for the future.

Your menu. Your brand. Your app.
This isn't some third party marketplace - this is you connecting personally with your customers.

Supreme Flexibility with total control
From barstool to bleachers, anyGuest.com is customized for your exact needs

You have total control of your app.
  • How your menu displays
  • Hours, locations, delivery area
  • Discounts, promos, special menus

Flexible enough for the entire hospitality industry. Dine-in, delivery, room service, poolside, golf course? You name it - and anyGuest is perfect for merchandise too.

POS Integration or Standalone. Synchronize with your POS or access anyGuest.com's intuitive interface on any existing hardware, or by renting from us.

Generate recurring sales and connect with your guests
Loyalty programs and individualized offers via email, SMS, and in-app

Did you know that repeat customers make up 63-71% of your sales? *

Reward your loyal customers and convert your first timers, all with your OWN app – not by paying 15% in fees to those third party ordering apps. Here's how:

  • We make it easy. Guests signed into an account or via Facebook save their order history, address, and payment methods so future orders are even easier.
  • The guest profile dashboard saves vital information about your customers: contact information, average check, order frequency - even favorite items.
  • All the tools you need. Create offers in-app, via email, even SMS. Easily create
  • Check out our loyalty features here on the tour.

Your bottom line
Increase your sales and efficiency, without per-order fees or overhauling your system

50% of users 18-34 place orders online, with 35% using a mobile device. Are you missing out? Or are you paying a third party 15-20% in fees for each order? **

anyGuest.com is a low flat monthly fee, with NO PER ORDER fees. It pays for itself in no time and is a breeze to set up, helping you make more money from the start.

  • No per-order fees. Seriously.
  • Compatible with whatever hardware you have in place. No purchasing or maintenance required.
  • Super easy set up, included for free if selected with a yearly plan
  • Payments are deposited directly to your account - no waiting.
  • Increase staff efficiency, while speeding up the order and payment process.
  • Analytics help you see what's making money - and how to maximize revenue

Even more cutting edge features
Total guest satisfaction is what keeps them coming back

11 languages enabled.
Make your visitors feel at home while helping staff speed up service and cut down on misunderstandings.

Social Media to the max. Guests logging in via Facebook gives access to valuable information - and make it easy for them to "like" you.

 But wait, there's more!
  • Table alert manages your waitlist
  • Carousel AND scrolling mobile view
  • Realtime tracking for delivery orders

Want to see more? Why don't you check out our live demo.

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"Repeat customers integral to success, study finds." National Restaurant Association. Dec. 19, 2012. http://www.restaurant.org/News-Research/News/Repeat-customers-integral-to-success,-study-finds

** "Customers Want to Incorporate Smartphone Technology with Dining Experiences." Loyalty 360. Oct. 28, 2013. http://loyalty360.org/resources/article/customers-want-to-incorporate-smartphone-technology-with-dining-experiences