Does anyGuest.com really work on any device?
Pretty much! Our innovative framework is web-based, not native. It runs seamlessly on iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Blackberry 10 - and of course on any computer in any browser. 
Does the app need to be downloaded to use?
No. You access anyGuest.com by typing in a simple web address or scanning the QR code. There's no visiting any app stores, no waiting for downloads, and precious memory taken up.
Where does it make sense to use anyGuest.com?
anyGuest.com makes it easy for your guests to order and pay, no matter where they are. This means dine-in, delivery, takeout, room service, even concessions - are all excellent ways to use anyGuest.com. The platform is flexible enough for every venue from resorts to casinos to stadiums, and of course restaurants and bars. 
How much does anyGuest.com cost? Are there per-order fees?
There is a low flat monthly rate for using anyGuest.com, beginning at $50 per month. The monthly rate depends on factors such your establishment's size, amount of sales through anyGuest.com, and if you synchronize anyGuest.com with your point of sales system. Check pricing here. We do NOT charge per-order fees. Seriously. 
Is my app anyGuest.com branded?
No. It's your app! Your brand, your logo, your menu. Your app is powered by anyGuest.com, but your customers will access the  platform directly from your website, with your menu and content.
What if I already have an online and mobile ordering service with a third party?
That's fine. At anyGuest.com we understand third party sites are an easy way to find new customers. Once that customer is yours though, we don't think you should have to pay 15-20% every time they order from you. They are YOUR customers, and keep returning for YOUR food - not those other guys. anyGuest.com easily complements third parties by helping your retain those existing customers, but keep them coming back using your site, so you can provide a better guest experience and retain 100% of their order.
Okay, I get it - but how do my existing customers start using anyGuest.com rather than that third party?
anyGuest.com has a super simple content management system for adding your menu and Social Media elements. One of anyGuest.com’s most powerful features is its loyalty program and promotional offers. It’s easy to offer discounts and rewards to your customers directly in-app, via email, and even SMS, to keep them coming back and using your app, even if you found them initially through a third party. We can help you with promotional marketing materials too. 
How do I import my content into the app?
If anyGuest.com did your menu set-up for you, you should be good to go! You can update your menu content at any time through the anyGuest.com content management system, which is simple and intuitive to use. We’ll provide step by step instructions, whether you’re just making changes, or completely overhauling your whole menu. 
Can you design something custom for my app?
Absolutely. The basic app does include space for your logo, your descriptions and your images. If you'd like the whole package to be custom, we have a skilled team of UX designers who would be happy to design an interface for your unique business. Let us know if you’re interested and we can have a chat to determine design fees.
What's the quickest way to get anyGuest.com up and running?
The anyGuest.com interface can run independently without any POS integration. This uses your existing hardware and does not require the set-up process (and often fees) that POS integration does. With the service as a standalone, we can have you up and running in no time.
How does anyGuest.com work with my Point of Sales system?
Our framework syncs up with most POS systems. Any order or server request is instantly sent to your POS system, eliminating transcription errors and cutting out much of the back and forth that takes up your staff's time. If you happen to have one of the few POS clients that isn't compatible - or don’t think POS integration is for you, anyGuest.com as a standalone service is just as robust, and in fact easier to set up.
Are there any other requirements to use anyGuest.com?
You do need an internet connection.
How long does it take to get anyGuest.com up and running?
Setting up anyGuest.com is pretty quick and easy. If you have a complex menu it may take a bit longer to set up with the content management system, and different POS systems vary in how long it takes to integrate. Generally anyGuest.com can be implemented in about 2 weeks or less.
How does anyGuest.com work with my existing website?
anyGuest.com easily integrates with your current website and current domain. You can have a simple “order” link on your site that sends users to the ordering platform, but they will not leave your domain. Again, it’s YOUR app.
Are they two different apps, for mobile and desktop?
No. The anyGuest.com technology automatically recognizes the device accessing the ordering platform and will launch the mobile or online version accordingly. 
Does anyGuest.com have ongoing support?
Of course! Your account manager is always available for your questions or concerns, or contact our product team at support@anyguest.com